Know Thy City

In my previous post i shared with you the history and magnificence of Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. In this post I’ll be sharing with you some significant incidents that I encountered on the Day 1 of my Travelearning to Meenakshi Amman Temple. Some incidents made me embarrassed while others are quite interesting.What ever the incident might be ,I learnt something new from it.


I was so excited and amazed to see such an artistic East  tower(  )in front me. I was carried away by the sight.I was just staring at the statues engraved on that tower.Its height,its colour,its magnificence attracted me so much.Nearing the tower I saw people rushing to the entrance. I thought I should hurry up or else I’ll have to wait in a long queue to enter into the temple.In a hurry, I entered the checking counter with an image of the tower still lingering in my eyes. There was a Police Lady who wanted to check my bag.She asked me to open my bag,only then I noticed that I  forgot to remove my slippers.“REMOVE YOUR FOOTWEAR”she shouted at me. I just ran out of the checking counter, removed my slippers, got a token and then again entered the counter. The lady officer was smirking at me. She asked with a stern face ” Where are you from?”.I replied that I’m from Madurai. Now her smirk turned into contempt. “Haven’t you been to any temple so far in your life? You are behaving as if you are coming from a different country. Even foreigners know about the rules better”.Throwing these words at me, she gave my bag back.I was not in a position to give reasons, telling her that I was carried away by the beauty of the tower to such an extent, that I even forgot to remove my footwear.Without looking at her I walked straight into the Temple.I felt bad.Her words were ringing in my ears.A sense of shame occupied me. I was trying to rationalize my act, but in vain.But,When I entered the temple its beauty and magnificence swept away all my thoughts.

After returning home I was reflecting on this incident and I laughed at my absent-mindedness.

Sometimes we are occupied by many thoughts that we tend to forget even the well-known things.



I love talking to people from different countries. Whenever I go out if I happened to see a foreigner I would at least smile and greet them.

When I was there in Meenakshi Amman Temple,I happened to see this French family who came to India on a vacation.

I was standing there knowing nothing about the temple. I didn’t know where to go,whom to ask.I was so hesitant to ask anyone about the details of the temple .I felt myself as a foreigner there, looking at the pillars with awe.Being in a place which adds pride to my home town I must feel proud instead I felt alienated. As far as the knowledge about the temple is considered I am just like those foreigners who had come to the temple for the first time.As these thoughts were running in my mind a foreign family crossed me. I first saw the lady who came behind her husband and her 2 children. I thought why not greet them and I neared the lady. I asked her where she was from.She replied that she was from France and she couldn’t understand English. Then she called her daughter(who speaks very good English) so that I could communicate with them. We were chatting for a while and the daughter said “The best part of the temple is that it is so colourful and big. Its architecture is so unique. I am in love with this temple.” I felt proud to be born in a place with historic significance.The Lady had a book(French) in which she had information about the Meenakshi Amman temple.She asked me about a particular place in the temple which was not clearly described in that book.She was asking details about the pillars and statues.I couldn’t answer her because I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING about the temple. I was trying to change the topic but they wanted me to answer their question.I felt extremely embarrassed.I accepted that I don’t know anything about this temple. They were kind of shocked but they thanked me and left. I felt dumb before them.I couldn’t even answer a question about my home town  which  brought me up for all these 19 years.At that moment I felt so little  and all the years of  my education seemed nothing. I might have succeeded in all my examinations but I failed miserably in a single question. I failed in my responsibility to spread the greatness of my home town .A sense of guilt surrounded me.I felt ashamed of being so ignorant all these years. It was at that moment I decided that I’ll spread the greatness of Madurai as far as I can. There may be many of you like me who know the importance of every other city in the world, but failed to know the importance of your own home town.

Dear friends,it’s better late than never. So decide now to take  the responsibility of knowing about your own home town. This is a way of showing gratitude to our hometown by spreading her greatness.

These were the incidents that changed me and made me bold enough to talk to strangers and  get the required information about the temple.

If you wish to do something worthwhile for your hometown, preserve her greatness by sharing it with others and educate the ignorant people like me.

So, in my future posts I’ll be sharing with you the importance of different places in Madurai. I have started to know my city. Now it’s your turn.

Thank you.

# spread the greatness # show your love


17 thoughts on “Know Thy City

  1. Aishu really it’s a inspirational post for me.As you said definitely all must know about our home town which brought us for these many years.Really it’s amazing.I appreciate your hardworking effort.Keep on moving don’t get discouraged for the person who give stupid comments.You are rocking.Keep posting.Very good job my dear friend.I m proud of you well done!!!


  2. Ya. Still most of the people in Madurai don’t know about our city. Everybody is eager to learn and view other places only. I feel shame to say, still I don’t know how to come out from Meenakshi amman temple through the direction. But now I am very glad because I am learning about my own city through your blogs.. Thank u aishu..


  3. Aishu…I know nothing about Meenakshi Amman temple. Geethu,Punitha and I went to the temple.We couldn’t find the way to sannadhi and finally we got puliyodhara from the temple counter and ate it.I think in the forthcoming days you would escort us to the temple.Good effort…keep it up


  4. Ice ma Great i am living in madurai for 20 Years but still i don’t know many places but ur post made me to explore my hometown with gypsysoul haha:) yesterday i went to my first visit meenakshi amman temple and streets around it had a good fun thank you dear


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