The best evening of my Life

Day 2 of my Travelearning 

I started from my house around 2 pm.It rained in the morning so it was not hot. Usually in Madurai you cannot go out in the afternoon because it will be so hot and you’ll be bathed in sweat. As it rained in the morning the weather was warm.I could feel the moist breeze embracing me as well the warmth of the sun kissing me.

In such a warm weather there are two best things that you could do.

  • All you need is a hot coffee and a book.Sit by the window,  have a sip of hot coffee and get plunged into your book. I bet this will be the best evening in your life.
  • The second thing is, jump into your comfy bed. Cover yourself with a  blanket.Listen to your favourite song.Within minutes you’ll find sleep cuddling your eyes.

These are the things I would usually do in a warm-rainy day.But this time I tried something new and it worked out really well.I decided to go out and feel the weather. Let me share it with you.


I reached thamukkam busstand around 2.15pm and a 10 min walk along the left side road on the thamukkam busstand takes you to the Gandhi museum.Even at the entrance of the road you could see the bright white dooms of Gandhi Museum.

I entered the Museum.The statue of Gandhi at the centre of this white building looked so beautiful.

At the entrance we could see the eleven vows of Gandhi.

Eleven vows

These are the vows proposed and followed by Mahatma Gandhi.These vows are not only for Indians but for every individual in this world.

Entering inside the Museum , we could see this photograph of  Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurating the museum by lighting the lamp.

Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurating the Museum

The walls on the four sides were covered with photographs and paintings of Indian Independence struggle.Important events are recorded with exclusive photographs.From the initial stages of Indian Freedom struggle to the  Indian independence all the historically important events are explained.

When I entered, I was amused to see so much of details, photograph and history in a single room.

The museum welcomes you with the history of English East India Company  entering India in 1600.

English occupying various Indian colonies

There is a mention of Carnatic war in which the English and the French fought over supremacy in India.In 1749 Mohammed Ali’s army supported by the British fought with Chanda Sahib’s army trained by the French.This war was fought in order to curb the French influence in India.The English won and Mohammed Ali became the nawab but he was totally under the control of the British.

Thus began the period of conquest,slavery and humiliation.

The information about Kattaboman showed that how the rulers of India were humiliated.It is said that Colin Jackson ordered Kattabomman to appear before him but, he kept moving from place to place in order to insult Kattaboman.He made Kattabomman follow him for 23 days.He also made him stand for 3 long hours in the interview.Oomathurai, the brother of Kattabomman killed an English lieutenant and rescued his brother.

Veerapandiya Kattabomman
Marudhu Pandiyan
Marudhu Pandiyan

The Marudhu brothers, Kattabomman and Oomathurai are some of the Tamil rulers, who put up powerful resistance against the British.

Mysore War
Mysore War

There is a mention of Mysore war in which Tippu Sultan strengthened his army and fought against all odds.The death of Tippu Sultan in the fourth Mysore war(1799).It is said that he was the most implacable and the most formidable enemy that the British had encountered.

Great Revolt Of 1857
Great Revolt Of 1857

There was also a mention about the Great Revolt of 1857.


The mutiny was a failure.The captured rebels were executed in thousands.At this time the future of India seemed dark and uncertain.Many great leaders were executed.The most painful one is the execution of the trio Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and Rajguru.

Executed rebels.
Executed rebels.

There were some English-educated middle class people like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa ,Swami Dayanand and Swami Vivekananda who spoke up boldly for the nation’s rights.With their dauntless efforts was formed the Indian National Congress in 1885.

20161228_142537 20161228_14252820161228_142541

Then comes the efforts of Gandhi.His ideology, struggle and sacrifices are recorded.

Gandhiji giving up his usual clothes on seeing the poor people in madurai
Gandhiji giving up his usual clothes on seeing the poor people in Madurai


Gandhiji Supporting the empowerment of women.



Then comes the Salt Satyagraha(1930).In the history of the Indian National Movement,a brave new chapter started by the breaking of salt law(Only the British government could make salt).Gandhiji commanded the people to make salt themselves and break the law.This was a bold act of non-violent Civil disobedient movement.

Gandhiji and his Satyagrahis.
Gandhiji and his Satyagrahis.


Breaking the salt law.
Breaking the salt law.

On 12th march 1930 Gandhiji started with 79 volunteers on the famous 241 mile march from sabarmathi Aashram to Dandi on foot saying “Either I shall return with what I want or else my body will float on the ocean”. He was such a self-determined person.

Once the British Viceroy commented that ” Indians have no right to talk about self determination”.And this incident proved that the Viceroy was wrong

On the way thousands of people joined and it became lakhs when they reached Dandi. The Satyagrahis broke the salt law by picking up the salt. Gandhi was arrested.He was released in 1931 and to negotiate the movement the British assembled a round-table conference in London. Gandhiji stood firmly for a united and non-communal Free India. This event turned out to be an important event in Indian Independence. Gandhiji might have failed in his mission but succeeded in making the people of England understand the Indian Freedom Struggle.

Civil Disobedient movement
Civil Disobedient movement

The civil dis-obedient movement continued and the Indians boycotted the English cloths and English goods.

Adolf Hitler

Then in 1939 England declared a war against Hitler’s Nazi Germany.England dragged India into the war. Jawaharlal Nehru said “ India will help England only as a free nation. Britain claims that she is fighting for freedom and democracy.If that is true let her first give freedom to India”

While reading these lines I got goosebumps.Its indeed a strong and a powerful statement.

IN 1942 during the World War 2, came the Quit India Movement.Gandhi made a call to Do or Die in his Quit India Speech delivered in Bombay .The All Indian Congress Committee launched a mass protest demanding what Gandhi called “An Orderly British Withdrawal” from India.The British arrested the entire leaders of Indian National Congress.



The Quit India campaign was effectively crushed.The British refused to grant immediate independence, saying it could happen only after the war against the Axis powers had ended.

Though weakened by the cost of the war and the Quit India Movement, the British was not ready to leave India.



Hurray!!! India Finally became Free..

Constitution of India
Constitution of India

I felt like I was travelling in a time machine. The description and photographs made me travel into the past. While reading about the humiliation I too felt humiliated.While reading about the sacrifices of our great leaders I felt grateful.I traveled with the leaders and I felt like I am seeing them shouting for freedom.I was smiling when I saw the board INDIA BECAME FREE. A sense of happiness and relief occupied me. I felt as if I have struggled for the Freedom Of India. I felt as if I was a part in the Freedom Struggle. The pin drop silence in the museum, the description,and the photographs took me to the past.I realised the sufferings and sacrifices of our great leaders.If we are independent today it is because of the martyrs of our country. JAI HIND.


After Independence
Atlast India had won the right to rule herself.The British who had ruled India so long bowed out with grace.


Then I saw the articles used by Gandhiji. His spectacles,bowl,rosary,spinning wheel,books,etc.There was also the complete life history of Gandhiji with exclusive photographs.

Here are some interesting pictures from the Museum.These are my favourite photographs.If you wish to know more about Indian Independence and The Father of Our Nation ,I would recommend you to visit this Museum,The treasure of Madurai.I am sure you’ll love this place for its tranquil atmosphere.Visit it once and you’ll never forget the History of India for lifetime.It really makes you understand the pains and struggles of our Freedom fighters.I left the museum with a tranquil mind and a grateful heart.



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  1. Aishu darlz i was really amazed by your thank you so much for giving this valuable informational post it was mind blowing baby you really rocked it was so unique the arches are beautiful i like that pic and innocence of Gandhi with a child that capture was really very beautiful and cute you almost took me inside Gandhi museum outstanding informations thank you aishu keep on rocking dr well done!!!

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