An amateur blogger- a better version of myself

Though I have the habit of reading blogs for my academic purposes,I have never thought about starting a blog.

I created a blog because it was given as an assignment for one of my subjects ‘New media for social change’.I was completely blank.I didn’t know what genre to choose.When I told everyone that I am going to do a travel blog, most of them advised me to change my genre just because a girl should not roam around like a man.In my welcome post I asked everyone a question “What will happen to a girl who starts traveling- hardly knowing the city and its routes?”

Now I am going to tell you,what had happened to that girl(who is none other than myself ).

On the first day of my Travelearning ,( I use this term travelearning because there are people who travel for pleasure. I travel to learn so I am calling it travelearning.) I felt embarrassed and alienated. I felt so uncomfortable being in a crowd.That day happened to be a starting point for the better version of myself.A girl who was so shy to talk with strangers had vanished and a new kind of inquisitive girl evolved from me.I started asking questions to strangers regarding the place.I got many information from them and happily shared everything with you all.I was able to develop a better version of myself in the following days of my travelearning.

Another interesting thing in blogging is the response of others. I had a great time reading most of my classmates blog.I appreciated their work.I was able to see their hidden talents coming to light through their blogs. I can proudly say that I am studying with great Chefs,Photographers, Poets, and Story writers.Without my friends I wouldnot have done this.I would like to thank each one of you who supported and encouraged me throughout.Not only my friends but also other bloggers from different countries who took time to appreciate me.Thank you everyone for your encouraging words.

There are times in which I felt so down and hopeless because of some negative comments.I was about to cry my best friend made me understand that ‘Don’t look for appreciation ,Look for your own satisfaction in your work.’ Then I decided let it be appreciation or negative comment I am not going to worry about it as far as I am completely satisfied in my work.

In this holiday I became a blogger, I enjoyed the holidays by roaming around, I came to know about my city,I was able to share it with you, and thereby I completed my assignment too.Isn’t it a great combo pack?

I’ll be in Madurai for only about 6 months or so and after that I’ll be going to some other city for pursuing my post graduation.I think this will be the right time for me to know the greatness of my home town.

Indeed,blogging has made a better version of myself.

The better version of me includes inquisitiveness,steady at heart and mind,courage to roam around alone, not taking bad things to mind and a free spirit.These are the things I gained through blogging.

Thank you everyone for your love and support.


20 thoughts on “An amateur blogger- a better version of myself

  1. (“Not only my friends but also other bloggers from different countries who took time to appreciate me.”)
    You needn’t thank me bcoz you deserve the appreciation .


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