An amateur blogger- a better version of myself

Though I have the habit of reading blogs for my academic purposes,I have never thought about starting a blog. I created a blog because it was given as an assignment for one of my subjects 'New media for social change'.I was completely blank.I didn't know what genre to choose.When I told everyone that I am … Continue reading An amateur blogger- a better version of myself


Thirumalai Nayak Palace

Day 4: Thirumalai Nayakar palace It was a working day so after my college got over I started from there to the Thirumalai Naicker Mahal around 3 pm. The Thirumalai Naicker palace in Madurai was constructed by the King Thirumalai Naicker in the year 1636 AD.It is said that the palace was designed by an … Continue reading Thirumalai Nayak Palace